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Tree Services

Custom-Blended Deep Root Feeding & Additional Tree Care

At M&A Tree Service, our timely deep root feedings will help your trees survive and thrive by increasing their resistance to drought conditions, insects, and fungal disease. In addition, the products we use will make your trees look their best, with fuller, more beautiful tree crowns. Using the latest techniques and equipment, we can deliver the professional service and cleanup that you deserve!

The services we offer include:

  • Tree Removal – We never like to get rid of a tree, but sometimes it is necessary for one to come down. We dispose of trees in a careful and efficient manner, minimizing waste and invasiveness in your landscape.
  • Tree Trimming, Shaping, and Pruning – Trimming, shaping, and pruning can serve two purposes: hazard reduction and maintenance. Hazard reduction can get rid of branches that might compromise the structural integrity of the tree; maintenance can make your tree more aesthetically pleasing. We offer both services, in order to keep your trees healthy and attractive.
  • Planting – Are you planning a new landscape for your house? Let us help you pick the correct trees to achieve the visual effect you want, and we’ll help you place them to ensure the health of your landscape.
  • Tree Disease Treatment – Many trees are susceptible to a variety of diseases, such as Dutch Elm’s disease and Sycamore Anthracnose. We can take some preventative measures to help protect your trees for years.
  • Cabling and Bracing – Multi-trunk trees may lose their structural integrity, due to pests, disease, or weather. Cabling and bracing may help support a tree, and can help you avoid having to remove the tree outright.
  • Stump Removal – Stumps can be an unsightly blemish on an otherwise stately landscape. Let us help you restore your property to its full glory.
  • Landscape Services – Trimming and shaping of shrubs, Design and installation of new bedding as well as re-establishment of old beds, replacement of old, overgrown shrubs, lawn restoration, and fertilization. Please note that lawn cutting is not offered.
  • Commercial & Municipal Services – Tree Management for Homeowners Associations, residential parks, and municipalities require additional attention to ensure your safety. We can provide the professional tree care and maintenance services that are needed.
  • Firewood – Seasoned hardwoods are available in ¼, ½, and full cords. When we deliver the materials, we can either dump the firewood in your driveway or stack where specified for an additional charge.

To request more information about our services, please call us at 908-789-0752 today!

M & A Tree Service 150 W. End Ave.,Somerville, NJ 08876

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